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September 29, 2022


The existence of angels, a doctrine of the Catholic Church, is attested in the Bible. Created by God as incorporeal, spiritual, perfect beings, they are His messengers who contemplate His face and execute His commands for the good of the people.

The three Archangels, Michael, Gabriel, and Raphael, occupying the highest domains of this angelic hierarchy, have tasks higher and more important than those of the common angels.

The English word archangel is derived from Greek ἀρχάγγελος (arkhángelos), meaning messenger. The Archangels always want us to call upon them when we are in need for it is when they assist us that they fulfill the work God has assigned to them. The Hebrew Bible uses the term מלאכי אלהים (malakhey Elohim; Angels of God).  

1. Archangel Michael

Archangel Michael, the Prince of the Heavenly Host, whose forces cast down Lucifer and the evil spirits into Hell, is the leader of all the angels. His name in Hebrew means "Who is like God?" This was the battle cry of the good angels against Lucifer and his followers when they rebelled against God. He is mentioned in the book of Daniel, in the letter of Jude, and in Revelation. Christian tradition recognizes four offices of Archangel Michael: (i) to fight against Satan, (ii) to rescue the souls of the faithful from the power of the enemy, especially at the hour of death, (iii) to be the champion of God's people, (iv) to call away from earth and bring men's souls to judgment, and (v) to free the possessed from the evil spirits in exorcism. Castel S. Angelo in Rome, the fortress where the Pope takes refuge when in danger, is watched over by his statue, and travellers and pilgrims invoke his name and his protection against the hazards of the journey.

In 2013, Pope Francis consecrated the Vatican City State to St. Joseph and St. Michael the Archangel, recognising once again his role as defender of the Faith and of the Church. The Archangel Michael is the protector of swordsmen and masters of arms, the patron of traders, pharmacists, pastry chefs, and the patron saint of the Police.  

2. Archangel Raphael

Archangel Raphael, whose name in Hebrew means "God has healed" or “God’s doctor,” His office is generally accepted by tradition to be that of healing and acts of mercy. Raphael is also identified with the angel in John 5:1-4 who descended upon the pond and bestowed healing powers upon it so that the first to enter it after it moved would be healed of whatever infirmity he was suffering. In the Bible, God assigned this archangel to guide Tobias on his journey to collect the payments left by his father. During the journey, Raphael, in human form, found a suitable bride for Tobias and restored the sight to the boy’s father. Often depicted with a jar containing medicaments and fishes, Raphael is considered the patron of pharmacists, travellers, of conjugal love, of young people, engaged couples, spouses, educators, and refugees. He is the angel in charge of sounding the horn that will signal the start of the Day of Judgement.  

3. Archangel Gabriel 

His name derives from Hebrew which means Power of God or God is mighty. As God’s trusted messenger, Archangel Gabriel announced the conception of John the Baptist to the sterile Elizabeth and her husband Zechariah and the miraculous conception of Jesus by the Virgin Mary who was betrothed to Joseph. Christian tradition suggests that it is he who appeared to St. Joseph and to the shepherds, and also that it was he who "strengthened" Jesus during his agony in the garden of Gethsemane. Gabriel is considered to be the protector of those who work in Communications, Postmen, Ambassadors, Journalists and Couriers. More importantly, he is considered the patron the Montfort Brothers of Saint Gabriel.  

Why the devil conspire against human being

After the creation of the heavens and earth, there was a battle in heaven. Lucifer, the “light-bearer”, the chief among angels, rebelled against God. He took a third of the angels into revolt with him. Michael however, was loyal to God, and declared he would serve God. With the other two-thirds of the angels, he defeated Lucifer and cast him and his supporters out of heaven. Lucifer now became Satan and those angels who supported him became devils. Since they cannot enter heaven anymore, while humans still have the chance, Satan and his devils try their level best to lure humans to sin against God and thereby blocking their entrance into heaven.

Assumption University has recourse to the continued help of these three archangels. The three wings surrounding the Cathedral of Learning (CL) are named accordingly Saint Gabriel (SG), Saint Michael (SM), and Saint Raphael (SR). May the three archangels protect us from all harm and keep us all in good health.

by Rev.Bro.Amnuay Yoonprayong, fsg.,Ph.D.

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